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You're right: these costumes do put Santino in context! I laughed out loud looking at these pictures. Thanks!


oh my god! look at all the drama i missed last night by not watching the olympics! i can't stand ice dancing but now i wish i had turned it on :)


I like watching ice dancing. Costumes? Many are ridiculous. Is it a sport? Well... But, I do like watching it. But I like watching many non-sports.

I do wonder if Dick Button ever says anythign flattering though.


I fell asleep before the Italian death glare, but at least I got to see some pics of the ice dancing fashion the next day. I could totally see Santino's turkey-butt costume on one of those dancers.


Yep, Santino has been watching a bit too much ice skating. I started watching that show when I was home and I'm not surprised that he's still in the running or won or whatever I wanted him to get Heidi's "You're out!" because he's a pompous ass.


I didn't think Santino's outfit was too out there for ice skating. I was surprised that they thought so actually. But I did think that Zulema's outfit was amazing.

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